Top 5 reasons to invest in custom software

Custom software now makes up about one-quarter of the overall software industry. Here are the top 5 reasons businesses should invest in custom software development:

1. Personalisation

Unlike off-the-shelf software which users need to adjust to their processes, custom software is designed to meet the unique challenges of organisations.

2. Security

Unlike custom software, off-the-shelf solutions can be purchased by anyone which is why they are targets to hackers. Custom software, on the other hand, carries enhanced encryption which makes it less prone to vulnerability

3. Competition

Off-the-shelf software is available to everyone, including the competition. Having a custom solution, on the other hand, allows brands to take a competitive advantage by creating a unique tool engineered to improve performance and increase competitiveness.

4. Support

To build custom solutions, brands count on the help of software development companies. This is advantageous for businesses since their partners provide them with post-launch support and quickly solve any issues that might come on the way.

5. Flexibility

Custom software is easily scalable. As businesses grow, software developers can easily modify their solutions to meet their changing needs without stopping any ongoing processes.

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