Top 5 e-commerce tactics to reduce cart abandonment

Cart abandonments in the retail industry are as high as 72.8%. Many consumers never complete their purchases, which affects brands’ conversions and sales.

To help brands lower the number of missed sales opportunities, here are the top e-commerce tactics to reduce cart abandonment:

1. Send personalised emails

Sending personalised remarketing emails that remind consumers to complete their orders can boost conversion by 25%. All it takes is including a compelling headline, prominent CTA and a link to return to the cart.

2. Enable guest checkout

Guest checkouts allow customers to shop without creating accounts. They are user friendly, decrease bounce rates and make the buying process easier and simpler. The fewer options the checkout process requires, the more prospects will convert.

3. Include strong CTAs

Checkout pages should have clear and strong CTAs that share a consistent message. Brands should incorporate active verbs that tell visitors exactly what they need to do. They should add urgency and incorporate “FOMO.”

4. Simplify navigation

The more clicks it takes for prospects to complete their purchases the bigger the chances are that they will leave without taking the desired action. To avoid this, brands should simplify their navigation and make the number of clicks until checkout as low as possible.

5. Tell a better visual story

Sometimes customers hesitate to make a purchase because they don’t know the quality of the products. Incorporating professional images, videos and animations will highlight the value and reassure them to convert.


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