SnatchBot Chatbot Helps Provide Information in Covid-19 Battle

The fight against Covid-19 is a battle of information as well as about keeping people safe from the virus, keeping health services supporting the known cases, and the public fed and in work. There are plenty of bots from local or national agencies, but they can be lost among the many voices, so some are working to aggregate the best information.

The sources of information about Coronavirus (Covid-19) are staggering. Every government and health department, news outlet and newspaper, every social media site and many people’s personal feeds create a myriad of sources and it can be hard to be sure who to believe, especially by the time political spin, media or personal bias and other tweaks have been added.

To make things simpler, Israeli chatbot developer SnatchBot has built a bot that links to the key sources who provide much of the global fact base about the spread and ways to control the virus. Available across most common social media and even by email, the bot provides straight and independent answers with none of the spin that has caused delays and cost so many lives.

The bot can be accessed on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and plenty of other locations to make it as accessible as possible. That range has made for impressive engagement with over a million messages in just five days.

Vital Messages in a Chatbot Bottle

Chatbots were fast becoming a part of the engagement and business landscape anyway, but their prominence has rocketed in recent weeks, and bots will likely come out as one of the many unsung heroes of the disaster.

They avoid people having to phone for information, can service millions of queries at once and AI bots can even offer basic medical triage to save people unnecessary health visits. And bots can link to other services like appointment bookings, sales and aftercare to help keep contact centres or support workers free for more vital tasks.

In any future event similar to this, be it a war, political action, natural or other disaster, more businesses and organisations, charities and health agencies will rely on bots to get their message out.

That might be to encourage sales or donations and to offer practical advice, the operators in those organisations will be seeing the success of bots today in all sorts of places and be ready to benefit from them next time out.

And, in between the major events, AI bots will play a growing role in all our lives answering queries across public transport, hotels, at airports, in businesses and even across dating sites or similar services, all helping us get along.

They are in our phones, on apps, websites, kiosks in public places and they can talk to us in any language and look up many resources to help find an answer. In other words, the chatbot revolution just hit a new gear and everyone needs to be ready to adopt and use them.