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BCW’s editorial content is accessible to anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world at no cost. Registering on our site is also free and allows users to add comments to published content, as well as receive site updates and notifications via email.

However, to contribute content requires a subscription. We currently offer three options (see below). All plans allows unlimited contributions across all sections of the site. Subscriptions can be upgraded/downgraded/cancelled any time, even after posting just one article. All articles remain on the site indefinitely, regardless of when a subscription ends. Subscriptions auto-renew one week, one month or one year from the date of subscription, unless cancelled.

To post content, please sign-up by clicking one of the subscription plan links below. Once completed, you will be able to post content as frequently as you want while your subscription remains active.


CASUAL (Free). You can reply but can’t contribute content.

STARTER (£10/week). You can contribute unlimited content for 1 week.

PRO (£20/month). You can contribute unlimited content for 1 month.

PREMIUM (£95/year). You can contribute unlimited content for 1 year.


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Editorial guidelines

We’re always looking for creative, interesting and ambitious contributions. We publish articles to inspire, motivate and share knowledge.

Reasons to contribute to BCW

  • Build your personal or your business credibility and grow your sales network.
  • Brand yourself or your company as an industry expert.
  • Bring attention to your company’s products and services.
  • Influence thousands of purchasing decision makers around the globe.
  • Our content is published on Google News.

Guest post guidelines

  • All posts must be in English and related to one of the topics we cover.
  • For SEO purposes, include at least one image.
  • All content must be original, or you must have full consent to syndicate.
  • Press releases, case studies, reports, and other promotional content will be rejected.
  • Posts will be carefully reviewed and may be edited prior to or after publishing.
  • Consider your post carefully before submitting - no refunds are offered.