7 Things That Can Help Manufacturers Sell Their Products Online

There is no better marketplace for your craft than the online space. Today, on average, an individual spends 9-10 hours daily online. During this time, they network, chat, browse, and shop on the internet. The interesting fact about online shopping is that most purchases are impulse-driven, rather than need-based.

For instance, you are on Facebook and suddenly you see an online store ad, featuring a girl wearing a cool dress and a discount code on the ad. Without any effort, you will be tempted to click on the ad and land on the site. That’s how most online purchases happen.

So in spite of the clutter and competition, selling online has a lot of untapped potential that a manufacturer can unleash to accelerate their business. Let’s look at some useful tips for product creators.

1. Talk Only About What You Can Deliver

Overpromising on what your product offers can lead to the early death of your brand. So, your sales copy should only talk about the specifications present in your product.

2. Spend Less on Development, More on Marketing

Imagine building up a great website, but not telling anyone about it. This is where most creators go wrong. We focus on building an attractive platform and spend a lot on it, but we hardly keep a budget to market our product. Today without marketing yourself, you will never be able to reach out to your customers.

3. Earn More Customer reviews

Indirect marketing works better than direct marketing. So, if you say, ‘my brand is good’, that would not create much impact. But, if a third person, who is a customer, talks positive about your product then definitely it will improve your brands credibility and attract more customers. That’s the reason why asking for a rating from every customer is important.

4. Check Your Inventory, Before Placing the Product

Once your product is up on the online store, you will start getting orders. So, it’s important to check if the product is available with you. Remember, the order quantity could be any number, so only put those products online, that are presently available in your inventory. To make life simple, you can use the QuickBooks for manufacturing software. They are easy to use and can manage your inventory effectively.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Applying psychological principles of human behavior in your marketing strategy can bring you immediate sales. For instance, if you create an ad stating that there are only 100 pieces of the product manufactured, then customers who have liked your stuff, will not delay their purchase, rather they will take quick decisions. The fear of not getting the same product in the future will result in immediate sales. A lot of brands like ‘Mi’, adapts this selling strategy and most of the times it works well for them.

6. Offer Return Policy

The traditional way of buying was based on touch and feel, customers would never buy a product until they physically saw it. Now, with online shopping, customers order products by looking at the images and reading the product specification. The only relief customers have is the product return and refund policy. So, always offer a ‘product return option’ in case the customer does not like the delivered product.

7. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Today most of us use mobile phones more than our computers or laptops. Therefore, creators must have a responsive site, which can be accessed on all devices.


Using the above tips, you can surely boost the sale of your manufactured products. However, the next big challenge could be of handling the inflow of money and keeping the accounts updated, for that you can opt for QuickBooks for manufacturing. It is one of the best tools that can take care of your finances, manage your inventory and fix negative inventories.

Just remember that when you get set up online, be ready to adapt to the best tools and marketing strategies to allow your products a chance to survive on the market.