6 top tips for coming up with a brand name

As many as 77% of the people purchase products whose brand names they recognise, and name recognition plays an important role in securing funding as 82% of investors admit that it is an important factor in investment decisions.

Good brand names are simple, memorable, future-proof and original.

The main benefits of coming up with a good name are adding value to products and services, lending identity to the business, becoming synonymous with products made by the brand and driving sales and revenue.

Here are the six key principles experts use to come up with a brand name:

  1. Collect the broad set of ideas of what the business is, thinking about its story, origins and ambitions.

  2. Aim to use the name to cater to the aesthetics and values of the brand’s audience.

  3. Tap into the brand’s archetype and the audience persona to build messaging, which can sometimes be supported through phonetic symbolism.

  4. The brand tone should speak to audiences and reflect business tendencies.

  5. When brainstorming name ideas, try to be relatable but not overly trendy.

  6. Check the availability of brand assets like domain name and social media handles.